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Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

department Head
Er. Kiran Kafle
HOD Electrical & Electronics


In this era, the fusion of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is an emerging sector. Most people in the world emphasize the broader application of electrical and electronics engineering. This sector has been helping the world for the overall development and is successively creating job opportunities in public and private sectors. Also it has been helping for creation of self-employment opportunities immensely. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering is designed to produce competent middle level workforce in electrical and electronics field to meet the global labor market demand.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • To produce middle level competent technical human resources fused with electrical and electronics engineering skills.
  • To prepare electrical and electronic technicians who are able to work in the local industrial settings of the country.
  • To prepare electrical and electronic workforce who will demonstrate positive attitude for the profession and socio-cultural values.
  • To help in meeting the demand of electrical and electronics workforce required for the industries all over the world.
  • To reduce the dependence on employing electrical and electronics technicians from foreign countries
  • To create self-employment opportunities.

Programme Outcomes

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Training and Placement